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How do I implement the Project Planet program in my property?

Implementing the Project Planet program is simple and easy. A hotel looking to start the Project Planet program should first determine who is in charge of implementing the program. Once the hotel has determined the project coordinator, he/she can follow the instructions provided in the following Implementation Checklist.

Download the Implemenation Checklist in MS Word Format

Project Planet Implementation Checklist

Here are recommendations as to how to implement the program, although the program can be modified to suit each individual property’s needs.

Package Arrival

Check the packages you received against your packing slip to confirm you have received all of your materials.
Examine items for any damage.

Kickoff Meeting

Schedule a kickoff meeting with your staff to introduce the program. Mention in this meeting how you plan to implement the program. This meeting is a great time to have everyone watch the training video. You can use the answers to the checklist above as your guide during your kickoff meeting.

Staff Training

Review Training Video or instruction sheet:
With all Housekeeping Staff.
With Front Desk Staff.
With General Manager.

In-Room Material Placement

Decide where in-room materials will be installed.

Linen Pillow Cards or Linen Door Hangers may be placed in the following locations:
On the guest pillow (Recommended)
On the nightstand next to the guest bed
Other _________________

Towel Hangers may be put in the following locations:
On the towel rack in the bathroom (Recommended)
On the front of the bathroom door (although guest may not see the cards if placed here)
Other _________________

Environmental Table Brochures may be positioned in the following locations:
On the armoire next to the television (Recommended)
On the desk in the room
On top of the television
Other _________________

Install items in the room
Install Towel Hangers
Install Linen Door Hanger or Linen Pillow Card
Install Environmental Table Brochure

The Third Day?

Determine how you will define the third day. Below are some suggestions as to how to implement this part of the program. Any of these options may work for you, and we encourage you to explore other options that may work even better for your property. Of course, change all linens after a guest checks out. Suggested choices:
Pick your highest checkout day during the week, and change all linens on this day and the third day following. For example, if your highest checkout day is Sunday, then change all linens on Sunday and Thursday. (Recommended)
Identify the third day of a guest’s stay by pulling up guest information daily in your guest tracking system.
Another option a few hotels utilize is to only change the linens when a hotel guest places the Pillow Card on the bed or the Linen Door Hanger on the door.
Other _______________________

How will your Housekeeping staff know when the third day has arrived?
Check your computer system to find out who has stayed for 3, 6, 9, … days.
Put one of our door hangers on the door for the day all sheets in all rooms are to be changed. (Recommended)
Place a calendar in the laundry area with the days marked when all linens are to be changed.

Create a way to distinguish between beds with fresh linens and beds with linens from the previous day.
Leave pillows on top of the sheets when bed has not been given laundered linens. (Recommended)
Turn down a corner of the bed to signal when a bed has not been given laundered linens.
Leave a mint on the bed to signal when a bed has not been given laundered linens.

Front Desk and Lobby

Place one or more Environmental Table Brochures in the lobby to create further guest awareness.
Place one or more Environmental Table Brochures on the front desk to increase awareness of the program.

Determine placement and hang Guest Posters (item # .009). You may want to consider the following locations:
Front Desk Area
Mounted on a Small Easel
Other __________________

Back of the House Materials

Place back of the house Energy and Water Conservation Wall Stickers (item # .008). Locations to consider:
Executive offices
Kitchen area
Laundry area
Service elevators/areas
Other __________________

Hang back of the house Energy and Water Conservation Posters (item # .007). Locations to consider:
Executive offices
Kitchen area
Laundry area
Service elevators/areas
Other __________________

Tracking Your Savings

Implement a tracking procedure. If you are interested in implementing a tracking procedure, please check our website at or call our office at 800-527-1195.

Other Ways To Save

If you order one of our Startup Programs, take a moment to review our Hotel Environmental Self-Audit Checklist. This checklist contains 32 pages of green ideas to save your hotel money and help the environment.

Program Maintenance

Schedule a meeting at least quarterly among housekeeping staff to remind them of the program and how it works. This may be a great time to have everyone watch the training video again, including new hires. You could combine this meeting with your regular staff meeting.

Schedule a regular time to check your stock of materials. We suggest you reorder before big events (i.e. holiday’s or the beginning of your prime season) or when you have less than 25 pieces on your shelf. Suggested times to check inventory:
Every Other Month
When You Pay Bills
Other ___________________

Schedule regular audits of rooms within your property. Look for damaged or missing material that may need to be replaced.

Guest Response

Encourage guests to provide feedback through directing them to our website at or through offering our Guest Response Cards at the front desk.

The above checklist is developed from six years of listening to feedback from our customers who are having great success with the program. If you have suggestions as to how we can enhance our Implementation Checklist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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