What your guests are saying about the CONSERVING FOR TOMORROW Linens and Towels Re-Use Program.
"We feel a desire and responsibility to personally care for the environment in all possible ways. We appreciate this program and will participate again."
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Conserving For Tommorrow

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Conserving For TomorrowSM is the environmental program developed exclusively for InterContinental® Hotels Group. Over half of the entire InterContinental Hotels Group properties are participating in the Conserving For Tomorrow Linens and Towels Re-Use Program.

Conserving For Tomorrow revolves around asking guests to use their bed linens and towels more than once. When guests participate and re-use their sheets and towels, hotels save money in reduced water, energy, labor, detergent; and sheet/towel replacement costs.

Environmentally, Conserving For Tomorrow makes a large impact, saving 6000 gallons of water monthly and 40 gallons of detergent monthly (based on average-sized 100 room hotel.)

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