The Caribbean Cares

Endorsed by:

Caribbean Hotel Association

The Caribbean Cares is the Linens and Towels Re-Use program developed specifically for hospitality properties in the Caribbean, with full support of the Caribbean Hotel Association and the Associations environmental arm, CAST (Caribbean Action for Sustainable Tourism).

The Caribbean Cares revolves around asking guests to use their bed linens and towels more than once. When guests participate and re-use their sheets and towels, hotels save money in reduced water, energy, labor, detergent; and sheet/towel replacement costs.

Environmentally, The Caribbean Cares is of crucial importance to hotels in the Caribbean. The natural pristine beauty of the Caribbean's beaches and natural habitats is the Caribbean's number one draw with respect to tourism. It is of paramount importance that the Caribbean's environment be conserved. To that end, The Caribbean Cares program saves average sized hotels 6000 gallons of water and 40 gallons of detergent monthly.

Tourists love the program and appreciate the unique situation in the Caribbean and efforts to conserve the small fresh water supply.