Frequently Asked Questions

Project Planet Linens and Towels Reuse Program FAQ
Why is this hotel implementing the Project Planet Program?
The Project Planet Program helps your hotel conserve valuable natural resources such as water, energy, and detergent, by allowing your guest the option to reuse their linens and their towels. By implementing this program your hotel will save tens of thousands of gallons of water and prevent hundreds of gallons of detergent from entering the waste stream every year (i.e. a 100 room property will save 72,000 gallons of water and prevent 480 gallons of detergent from entering the waste stream per year).

Do hotel guests approve of the program?
Overwhelmingly, guests approve of the Project Planet Program. We have found from our Guest Response Cards that 90% of guests appreciate their hotel implementing the program.

Do you get complaints about the program?
Most of the complaints we hear are related to the housekeeping staff not servicing the wishes of the guest (i.e. changing linens and towels without being requested). Otherwise, complaints regarding the program are minimal.

What if a guest does complain?
EXPLAIN TO THE GUEST THAT THE PROGRAM IS OPTIONAL. If they choose not to participate then simply place their towel on the floor or the linen card in the appropriate place (on the pillow for Linen Pillow Cards and on the back of the door for Linen Door Hangers). You may also explain that the program helps your hotel reduce its impact on the local environment.

How does a guest participate?
For the linens program, a guest does not have to take an action to participate. If the guest chooses to reuse the towels, then simply hang them in the bathroom. Guest may participate for all or part of their stay. The room will still be fully cleaned and the bed made up, only the linens and towels will not be replaced.

How does a guest NOT participate in the program?
For the linens program, a guest places the card on the bed for the Linen Pillow Card or the guest places the hanger on the outside of the door for the Linen Door Hanger. For the towel program, the guest can place their towels on the floor to opt out of the program.