August 2, 2000

Ms. Lynn Cook
Project Planet Corporation
3031 E. Ponce De Leon Avenue
Decatur, GA  30030

RE: Project Planet Products!!!

Dear Ms. Cook:

It is a pleasure and a delight to express my appreciation for your company's outstanding job in supplying the hospitality industry with colorful and useful signs and cards and brochures regarding our fragile environment and the use of recycling towels and linens!!

Lynn, you wouldn't believe the amount of guests who like the idea of saving water; detergent; and the energy in laundering linens and terry towels. They love the idea that we are doing our part to conserve water and phosphates into our nation's streams and waterways.

Our valued guests are happy to be apart of saving the environment and taking an active part along with us.

Project Planet's colorful and fun cards and product line make it enjoyable and highly visible for our guests and our team members.

Lynn, we are proud to participate and would welcome any referrals needing a testimonial as to the great benefit in conserving water; energy; and most favorable resources!!

Keep up the great work!!



Timothy M. Van Houten
General Manager

12226 NO. JANTZEN DRIVE PORTLAND, OREGON 97217 (503) 283-3030 1-800-548-7848 fax (503) 735-1661