Ms. Julia Warrens
NGI MArketing
1014 Sycamore Dr.
Decatur, Ga.  30030

Dear Ms. Warrens:

I am writing to give my unqulified endoresmet to your "Conserving for Tommorro" program. I am naturally skeptical of most things that sound too good to be true, and that was my feeling when this program was first suggested to me. Despite reservations, we started the program in May of 1996. From the first day the program has been in place here, it has been almost invisible. To date, I have received 1 (one), complaint regarding our participation in the program. On the other hand, I have received possibly a dozen or so positive comments from guests. Overall, the program has been widely accepted by our guests, with little comment and no resistance. 

Using less water for laundry is obviously good for the environment, and saves our hotel money in utility costs. However, the biggest financial impact, is in cost of payroll. We have cut our per room maid cleaning time by almost 6 minutes per room. Spread over a three year period, this is a significant dollar benefit. In our 131 room hotel, saving 6 minutes per room translates into a savings of almost $20,000.00 annually.

What about quality?? Our guests do not feel like they are receiving a room that is less clean than before. In fact, over the last three years, our overall Quality Scores have improved dramatically. Our current QFI Score of 81, ranks us #60 out of over 1000 Full Service Holiday Inn Hotels, an improvement of 156 places in just over one year. In terms of GSTS, our 4 month OSI has improved from 82.2 in January of 1998, to 85.86 in April of 1999. On the specific question of Cleanliness of rooms our 4 month cleanliness score of 86, is 6 points above the Holiday Inn Full Service Hotel average, and 3 points above the system average. So, contrary to any concerns about quality, our housekeeping
quality scores have improved, since we have implemented the program.

In summary, I feel this program has been a great success at our hotel. Now that we do it, I cannot imagine doing it any other way. I would encourage any General Manager to strongly consider the program.


Bill Moore