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Our tracking sheets are designed to help you identify the level of participation in the program at your property. Feel free to modify these spreadsheets to suit your hotel, motel or lodge.

The key items to track on the Tracking Sheet are Occupancy and Beds Not Changed. In tracking these two items, you can easily calculate all other information you will need.

Using the Housekeeping Tracking sheet, each housekeeper can identify which beds he or she did not change. The Housekeeping Manager can use the Hotel Tracking sheet to total the results of the Housekeeping Tracking sheets to summarize participation for the whole property.

Participation can vary depending on the location of your property and your average overnight stays. We have found participation to range between 30% and 80%. Even at 30% participation you are saving a lot of water, time and money.

You do not have to track your savings throughout the year, however, you may want to pick a key month during the year and find out how your property is doing. If you find that your participation is lower than you expected, you can identify strategies to increase participation such as creating greater awareness at the front desk by having your front desk staff mention the program to guests as guests arrive.

If you have suggestions on how we might modify our Tracking Sheets, please let us know.
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