"Now in its sixth year, Conserving For Tomorrow has made a major impact in saving the world's resources, improving participants' profit margins and generating repeat business from guest committed to staying in environmentally conscious hotels. The program has proven to be so successful that the America Hotel & Motel Association has modeled an industry-wide effort after the Conserving For Tomorrow initiative."

Tom Oliver,
Chairman AND CEO,
Six Continents Hotels, Inc.

Conserving For Tomorrow is the environmental program developed exclusively for Six Continents Hotels, Inc. Over half of the entire Six Continents Hotels, Inc. system is participating in the Conserving For Tomorrow Linens and Towels Re-Use Program.

Conserving For Tomorrow revolves around asking guests to use their bed linens and towels more than once. When guests participate and re-use their sheets and towels, hotels save money in reduced water, energy, labor, detergent; and sheet/towel replacement costs.

Environmentally, Conserving For Tomorrow makes a large impact, saving 6000 gallons of water monthly and 40 gallons of detergent monthly (based on average-sized 150 room hotel.)

Best of all, guests love the program! Look what Holiday Inn guests have to say.

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