"Guest participation will be increased when guests are aware that Project Planet is not only helping the environment, but a portion of the savings is benefiting children and families in the developing world through Childreach."


PROJECT PLANET offers a unique aspect to the linens and towels re-use program by partnering with Childreach, a global organization focused on helping needy children in over 40 countries. 

The PROJECT PLANET/CHILDREACH initiative is another incentive to motivate your guests to use their linens and/or towels more than once. Not only will linen/towel re-use assist in conserving natural resources (6000 gallons of water along with 40 gallons of detergent are saved monthly), guest participation has a direct link to helping a desperately needy child overseas. Should your property enroll in the PROJECT PLANET/CHILDREACH initiative, you will purchase and utilize the beautiful products that communicate the Linens and Towel Re-Use message as well as sponsor a child through Childreach for an additional $264.00 (annual sponsorship fee).

The Linens and Towels Re-Use program will save your property thousands of dollars, making child sponsorship an easy financial expenditure with worthy results.

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