J. Edward Cecala
General Manager


19 October 2000

Ms. Patricia Skozelas
Vice President
Project Planet
3031 East Ponce de Leon Avenue
Decatur, Georgia  30030

Dear Patricia,

It was a genuine pleasure having the opportunity to speak with you earlier this month at the Bass Global Investor's Conference in Las Vegas. The work done by Project Planet has made a marked change for the better in my property.

Last August we commenced the project at our 600-room hotel and the immediate results were staggering on two levels. While the fist three months showed savings of 22% we were eventually enjoying a 37% savings during the fourth quarter.

We have just completed our fist year of the cycle and our overall savings for the twelve month period was 26% a r3emarkable number that equates to $121,000 over the course of a year.

Aside from the financial benefits it is the guest, those extremely sensitive to environmental issues, who have praised our work in this program. Considering the fact that we have over 400,000 guests per year the radiation effect of this positive program only enhances our position in the marketplace.

Thanking you for your efforts and extending best wishes for continued success and the coming Holiday season, I remain,

With best regards,